Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla - Salve Regina for Clarinet Choir, arranged by Matt Johnston. Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c. 1590-1664) was a Spanish-born Mexican composer of the Renaissance period. Although born in Málaga, Spain, he moved to Puebla, Mexico in 1620, and was later appointed maestro de capilla of the Puebla Cathedral in 1628. His most well-known work, this "Salve Regina" for double choir (SSAATTBB), has been arranged here for clarinet choir by Matt Johnston. It can be performed as a clarinet choir or as a double clarinet quartet.


  • Clarinet 1
  • Clarinet 2
  • Clarinet 3 (or Alto Clarinet 1/Basset Horn 1)
  • Bass Clarinet 1 (Contrabass Clarinet 1/Contralto Clarinet 1/String Bass 1)
  • Clarinet 4
  • Clarinet 5
  • Clarinet 6 (or Alto Clarinet 2/Basset Horn 2)
  • Bass Clarinet 2 (Contrabass Clarinet 2/Contralto Clarinet 2/String Bass 2)