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"3 Charming Pieces" is a collection of pieces for two guitars by Dutch classical guitarist and composer, Margriet Verbeek. The first work is the "Epipogon Sonata," subtitled, "Eli Heimans' quest for a rare orchid in Harzburg," with movements titled: Heading for Harzburg by train; A Stroll Through the Valley and Climbing, jumping and searching at the foot of the mountain. The second piece in the collection is the "Vlieland Sonata," with movements: Oyster-Catchers at the North Sea; Seals on a Sandy Bank; Two Butterflies at the Wadden Sea; Parnassias just past the 'Posthuys'. The final piece is an arrangement of the Allegro moderato cantabile from the 38th String Quartet by Joseph Haydn.