Due to copyright reasons, not available for purchase in the EU (and other 70+ years countries) until January 1, 2029.

With simple rhythms of half, dotted whole and whole notes, a basically step-wise melodic design, a harmonic realization without a single momentary modulation, and a metrical index of, the tune Rhosymedre (from Three Preludes founded on Welsh Hymn Tunes) offers peace and serenity. To this, Vaughan Williams has ingeniously added a beautiful obbligato and a punctuating bass line that introduce, conclude and weave magically between the two verses of the Rhosymedre tune. From its performance at the funeral service of Princess Diana to that of the composer himself, the prelude on Rhosymedre has appeared prominently at many important occasions.


  • Piccolo (optional)
  • Treble Flute in G (or Soprano Flute in E-flat, or Piccolo 2), (optional)
  • 4 C Flutes
  • Alto Flute
  • Bass Flute
  • Contrabass Flute/Contralto Flute (optional)