On January 1st, 2016, Stephane Vande Ginste had an extraordinary intention: he planned to compose a 1-minute piece for piano every single day for the whole year. The result is an impressive collection of piano miniatures which - although contemporary - result in a variety of musical styles: apart from some experimental pieces, there are jazzy- and poppy pieces, more traditional "etudes", polyphonic compositions and so on... The 366 pieces also tell various stories: from very emotional events like the terrorist attacks in Brussels over homages in honor of deceased artists (David Bowie,...) to birthdays and festive occasions,... . More than once, even poetry (Heinrich Heine, Anna Enquist, ..) or other pieces of art inspired Stephane to compose his daily one-minute piece. Every single composition originated from the "here and now", and therefore capture the unfiltered feelings and emotions of that very unique moment in time: joy, enthusiasm, but also melancholy and sadness.