Paul Schoenfeld (formerly Schoenfield) composed the Six Improvisations on Hassidic Melodies for Piano Solo in 1985. They are presented here by the composer in this edition for Flute and Piano. There are six movements: Ufaratsta, Achat Sha'altiVah'hi Vishurun MelechKozatskeNigun, and Rikud.

"I was introduced to Hassidic music in 1985, having been given a book of Hassidic melodies and asked to provide dinner music for a synagogue banquet. The tunes -- some ecstatic, others reflective -- enchanted me; being absorbed in them eventually led to the composition of a piano suite, "Six Improvisations on Hassidic Melodies." Although three of the movements are based on Biblical texts, much Hassidic song is wordless, employing only vocalized syllables. This is because according to Hassidic Rebbes, melody was of primary significance; it was the melody that brought one to the heights of ecstasy and true religious fervor."