ContraBasie Blues is a jazz solo originally written for solo flute, or for flute and optional bassline accompaniment. Originally written for contrabass flute, this solo may be played by any member of the flute family; there is a concert pitch part (for c-flute, bass flute, or contrabass flute) and a transposed part for alto or contralto flute. The optional bassline accompaniment may be played by bass flute or contrabass flute, string bass, or even rhythm section (chords are included).

Several jazz chord progressions are used in this composition: a standard blues, as well chord progressions used by Count Basie in some of his many jazz compositions, and the chord progression used in the wellknown Dixieland Jazz tune, Basin Street Blues. The title of this composition comes from the play on words from the Count Basie progressions. The tempo is not too fast; it’s in the style of a ballad.

Instrumentation included:

  • Solo part for C Instrument (Bass or Contrabass Flute)
  • Solo part for G Instrument (Alto or Contralto Flute)
  • Part 2 in Treble Clef (with chord changes)
  • Part 2 in Bass Clef (with chord changes)