Meu Beguin by Domingo Pecci and Ternura by K-Ximbinho.

Choro (pronounced shore-o) means "to cry" in Portuguese and emerged in Brazil in the 1880's. This style of music has deep roots in the cafe culture of turn-of-the-century Rio de Janeiro where the companionable sharing of food and drink was as integral to the experience and atmosphere as the music itself.

Meu Begiun (My Beguine) is a fun, colorful, crowd-pleasing Brazilian choro written by Domingo Pecci. It also can be played with percussion Brazilian panderio to help drive its rhythmic momentum.

Ternura (Tenderness) is a slow, choro serenata or ballad. This incredibly beautiful song written by K-Ximbinho has become a classic in the choro repertoire.


  • 3 B-flat Clarinets
  • Bass Clarinet