SKU: FC362

Scored for large flute ensemble, this piece can best be explained by the program notes:

"In 1974, Carl Sagan and Frank Drake sent a message on radio waves to a star in the constellation of Hercules in binary code "ones" and "zeros." The serial scheme has 1679 beats accommodated in 23 x 73. In that message is information of human life on the planet, our location in the solar system, etc. The message would travel 25,000 years to reach its destination. In 2001, as a crop circle, the information appeared as a crop circle in Chilbolton, England, but with a slightly different scheme.

This work is also message, 73 bars played by 23 flutists. The ASCII code was used in 2 ways: harmonically, moving back and forth between two notes to simulate the ones and zeros, and rhythmically: with a different rhythm to represent both “one” and “zero.”

The message says: "Thank you for answering, we believe that knowledge and wisdom with love can change our destiny. We are all one."

The song “Estrellita” by Manuel M. Ponce is used as a means to send the feeling of longing. The work is radio waves traveling across the frozen space."


  • Solo Flute
  • 18 C Flutes
  • 3 Alto Flutes
  • Bass Flute