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Colores, Book 2, is the follow-up to the book Colores. This new method book contains 30 colorful works, which have been written for beginning students who are learning to play tirando, also referred to as free stroke. These selections can be played together with Colores, Book 1 and can be used in individual, as well as in group lessons. The included CD contains Colores 1 (left channel) as well as Colores 2 (right channel). This allows the student to play with the CD at home. The page layout of Colores, Book 2 is identical to the layout of Colores, Book 1. This makes it easy to repeat a passage since the measures are in identical locations in both books. Book 2, just as in Book 1, features complete pieces, which can be played independently. Therefore the pieces are not just accompaniment but rather fully developed individual works. The book consists of 3 parts:

Part 1: open bass strings, not played simultaneously with chord notes

Part 2: open bass strings, played together with chord notes

Part 3: open bass strings and bass notes played with the left hand

The level of difficulty gradually increases with every piece. Every piece can be played together with the corresponding piece from Colores, Book 1.