Three Crotchety Cats is a humorous tale about three felines, Winston, Humphrey and Thurston, who were orphaned at a young age and raised by bullfrogs, cuckoo birds and garden snakes, respectively. Due to their upbringing, none of the cats could "meow." But the fact that they could "ribbet," "cuckoo" and "hiss" came in quite handy when they encountered their nemisis, Mollogwhump, the troll. The discerning listener will enjoy occasional quotes of well-known themes which provide appropriate background music for the storyline, as well as a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor. Young listeners will simply enjoy a fun story about three crotchety cats.


  • Narrator
  • 2 Piccolos
  • 4 C Flutes
  • Alto Flute (or Flute 5)
  • Bass Flute