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Sir Dirk Brosse, music director at the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra, is a versatile composer of orchestral and symphonic repertoire, chamber music, film & musical. His compositions are performed worldwide by the most prominent orchestras and soloists. About the new series of 10 "Musical Postcards" for wind band, Dirk says the following: "Composing is a commitment; it is my life’s mission. For me composing means creating a vacuum around myself and allowing myself to be submerged by impressions. It is a continual struggle between fantasy and reality, between dream and reality. Out of chaos of sounds and emotions I try to order my thoughts by juggling shreds of melodies, original chords, striking sound colours and alternating rhythms. Melody, harmony, rhythm and sound colours are finally balanced to generate a harmonious universe. This series of ten ‘Musical Postcards’ are a reflection of my travels, thoughts, discoveries and musical career so far, which has brought me around the globe. I look forward to you joining me on this voyage of discovery…"