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Johann Martin Blochwitz (1687-1742), not a very well-known name even amongst flutists, initially studied in Leipzig before he was employed as an oboist (1711) and then flutist (1717) in the Dresden Court Orchestra, where he performed as second flutist alongside Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin. The Suite Imaginaire presented here has not previously existed in this form. Blochwitz composed many movements of dance music, some of them are collected under the title "Fantasier og Preludier. 8 Capricier og andre Stykker til Øvelse for Flöÿten af ​​Quantz," a volume which was published in 1740 and is found at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. In addition to works by Johann Joachim Quantz it includes the dances of Blochwitz which are presented here. Four of these movements have been compiled into a suite: AllemandeCourenteSarabande, and Giga.