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"Glass Ceilings" was written as part of a commission-performance project initiated by Claudia Anderson in late 2019, requesting four-minute works from a group of four notable women composers to include in performance with "Glass Ceilings." 2020’s abrupt overthrow of our way of life had an inevitable effect on all of our works, and each composer in her own way incorporated the horrors of the pandemic and racially motivated violence that defined much of that year. Reflecting on those populations who were most at risk from disease and violence, who were front-line workers due to their social and financial status, "Glass Ceilings" is dedicated to all of them.

Below, please find both a full performance recording of the work, as well as just the audio for the accompaniment track. For additional assistance in preparing and performing this work, please contact us at: sales@alrypublications.com. 

Download the backing track electronic material here (Right-click and save as): DOWNLOAD ELECTRONIC TRACK

Full Performance: