Vermeirsch, Felix

My name is Felix Hans Vermeirsch. My journey as a composer started at the early age of 6. Having grown up in a family of musicians, making music and trying new things was a natural process for me. That’s why I began sitting down at the piano and cello when I was young, improvising and collecting ideas. In 2010 I „became the youngest composer of Flanders” with my chamber orchestral work “De Vergeetput” and in 2011 I won the “Cantabile – composition competition” with my piano work “The Lazy Leopard” and received the medal “Belgian artistic promotion” from SABAM. Even since then I have never stopped composing.

My studies brought me from Antwerp to Frankfurt and Mannheim and from there to Vienna, where I am currently studying under Professor Istvan Vardai.

Due to health problems concerning my arms, at the beginning of 2020, I took a longer time out from playing which made me get creative again. I used the time intensively to compose new pieces and make new arrangements. My main-goal is to create cello-compositions that expand the technical borders of the instrument, challenge the player and are appealing and understandable for the listeners, musician or non-musician.