Vande Ginste, Stéphane

Stéphane Vande Ginste (b. 1971)

Stéphane Vande Ginste studied piano and composition at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (with professors Jan Michiels and André Laporte). He already distinguished himself by winning three times a composition Prize "Young Composers" (organized by Stradivarius, the student council of the conservatory). By this way, his music was for the first time broadcasted on "Radio 3". Since then, he has never stopped to compose: for piano, other solo instruments such as clarinet, flute, piccolo, double bass, chamber music for small and large ensembles, vocal music (songs). He was to five times winner of the Cantabile composition contest (recently with two works: En écoutant la nuit & Canzonetta, both for piano) and thus received a name as a composer of didactic contemporary music, for all grades.. His pieces are often played, also abroad (From France to Serbia, ...). He composed for the ensemble Emanon, led by Raf De Keninck, with whom he released a CD (In Flander's Fields: Darkness ; his largest composition for double string and wind quintet, piano, percussion and two narrators on a text by Lord Byron and Charlie Chaplin. He also frequently collaborated with the Arco Baleno ensemble, recording his Kamerconcerto for string quintet and harpsichord in 2009 ( CD Kaleidoscope together with compositions by Roland Corijn, Marc Matthys, ...) His most recent recorded work is the piece Petit Bestiaire for piccolo and piano (CD "Psychobird" with Peter Verhoyen and Stefaan De Schepper). He was interviewed several times on radio Klara, such as recently about his huge project "366 minutes" (from January 1st to December 31st, 2016, he wrote each day a composition of at least one minute for piano. He also realized with Klara the CD Fingerprints where his work Snapshot for marimba and piano was recorded and broadcasted. In July 2017 he was invited to participate to the World Piano Conference Novi Sad (Serbia). Stéphane Vande Ginste is also active as a teacher in piano, solfège, ensemble and contemporary music at the Academie voor Muziek, Woord, Dans en Beeld in Schoten (Belgium). He often acts as a soloist or as a chamber musician and is gladly asked for lectures, conferences, ... Scores were published by publishers such as UMMP (Metropolis, DMP) and Lantro Music and in the former CeBeDem (of which he was a member). Vande Ginste is also a member of Comav (Componisten Archipel Vlaanderen), UBC (Union of Belgian Composers) and Sabam.