Van den Broeck, Tylaine

Tylaine Van den Broeck is a classically trained pianist, who studied at the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Music in Antwerp. She obtained her master's degree piano with great distinction. She brings tranquil beauty with her second solo album "Mermaid Magic".

In 2018, this pianist and composer from Belgium released her debut album with neoclassical compositions "Tra Cielo e Terra." The album received the necessary attention at Radio Klara (Belgium) and was presented live in a sold-out AB club in Brussels.

Tylaine describes her own music as "neoclassical music," which is essentially classical music interwoven with influences from jazz, pop and rock. Tylaine Van den Broeck is also a piano teacher at the music academy MUWODA in Heist -op-den-Berg, Belgium.

(Photograph by Daniel Dedave)

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