Sohrab Uduman read music at the University of Surrey and went on to study composition at the University of Birmingham, receiving his PhD in 1993. His music has received several awards, including an international prize at the Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music, The Bourges International Competition for Electroacoustic Music, the George Butterworth award and the Oskar Back Foundation Prize for Young European Composers. Sohrab Uduman's music has featured at many festivals, including the Oxford Festival of Contemporary Music, The Spitalfields Festival, the Cheltenham International Festival of Music, Darmstadt, Britten Festival Brugges and Agora Festival at the Centre Georges Pompidou Paris. This composition was written for bass clarinet soloist Sarah Watts, who did extensive research on bass clarinet multiphonics. This piece is a great illustration on the integration of multiphonics in contemporary music.