Schuerweghs, Sigrid

Sigrid Schuerweghs (°1967) grew up in Kalmthout, near a national park, where she still lives with her husband, a bassoonist, and her 4 sons.

At the age of 8, Sigrid started to play the piano, 7 years later the oboe, and another 5 years later she discovered the double bass.

She became a professional musician at the Conservatories of Antwerp, Rotterdam and the Lemmens Instituut in Leuven. Afterwards she studied the bassoon.

Sigrid played in several orchestras and performed in Belgium and abroad. As oboe and bassoon teacher, she started to write music for her students. Oboists and bassoonists like her music because they feel it is written specifically for their instrument.  

Sigrid’s music is romantic, with catchy melodies, melancholic, and with a touch of humour.