Roels, Johanna

Johanna Maria Roels has, from her teaching practice in Part-time Art Education, developed a piano pedagogy in which different dimensions of musicality such as listening, designing, notating, performing and reproducing are interrelated. Through the integration of visual expression the method has an interdisciplinary character.

Results of her method can be found in her books Children on Wings (2002) and Children on Wings 2, Analytical Practical Workbook (2015). Since 2000, the method was introduced in her didactic courses at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and communicated on numerous national and international conferences. At the University of Antwerp - Department of Training and Educational Sciences -  she made an in-depth study of her work which resulted in a PhD dissertation and in different publications in international peer-reviewed ISI-journals in the field of music education. As postdoctoral researcher she continues her work at the university.

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