Peeters, William

William Peeters was born in Boom in 1944. He started his music studies at the music academy in Boom. Later he continued his studies at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory in Antwerp. His most important piano teacher was Lode Backx. After his conservatory studies, he took courses at the Mozartheum in Salzburg (Austria) with the well-known piano teacher Kurt Leimer.

He was associated throughout his career as a piano teacher and accompanist at the Music Academy in Willebroek. Many of his students, whom he trained at the Academy, achieved wonderful results at various conservatories.

For many years he was a piano accompanist and musical advisor at the Municipal Institute for Ballet of the city of Antwerp. He worked closely with Jeanne Brabants. Here he learned to improvise and gained a lot of inspiration, which he uses in his compositions.

His compositions are mainly characterized by rhythm, epic and lyricism. They are distributed and performed worldwide. His motto is: “music should appeal and inspire.”