The future of our fragile world is in our hands. As Sir David Attenborough stated on the Climate Conference in Glasgow on November, 1st, 2021: “... We are already in trouble. The stability we all depend on is breaking. This story is one of inequality, as well as instability. Today, those who’ve done the least to cause this problem, are being the hardest hit. Ultimately, all of us will feel the impact, some of which are now unavoidable. ... We’re going to have to learn together, how to achieve this, ensuring none are left behind. We must use this opportunity to create a more equal world and our motivation should not be fear, but hope. ...” . We must be more caring about the wonderful place we live in... our unique home: Planet Earth. This music is both a shoutout to take care of our planet and a hymn to the beauty of this place. The composition is suited for stage as well as for the enjoyment in music school orchestral practice.