Obradović, Petar

Petar Obradović (b. 1972)

Trumpet player and composer Petar Obradović (b. 1972, Dubrovnik) completed his secondary music education at the Luka Sorkočević High School in Dubrovnik, in the class of his father Nikola Obradović, and got a degree at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana with Anton Grčar.

In May 1995 he became the first trumpet of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, and at the end of the same year he successfully auditioned for solo trumpet in the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra in Zagreb, where he has been working since.

At the 1993 Competition of the Slovenian Musicians in Ljubljana he won the third place. He has been frequently performing with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, the Mostar Symphony Orchestra, Sorkočević Quartet and the Dubrovnik String Quartet. He has been regularly recording for various radio and TV stations.

In 2000 the recording company Cantus published his first CD containing compositions by Šulek, Detoni, Tarbuk and Obradović, as well as his performance of Vivaldi’s Concerto for two trumpets and orchestra in C major to the accompaniment of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2006, Cantus also published the second CD containing the works of Papandopulo, Berdović, Bjelinski, Kuljerić and Obradović. Apart from composing solo, chamber and orchestral works, he also wrote music for the plays “Tango”, “A Drop of Soul” and “The Sigh of Marija Orsola” performed by the Lero Theater from Dubrovnik and (in 2003) the music for the motion picture Accidental fellow-traveler. He has been a member of the Croatian Composers’ Society since 2005.