River Suite was commissioned for the fifth edition of the The Antwerp Guitar Festival when organizer Jan Depreter asked Guy Cuyvers to compose a piece for the Guitar Heroes Ensemble, a guitar orchestra consisting of 35 festival participants from various countries. River Suite premiered at the Festival on 28 November 2015 under the baton of the composer. The music describes the flow of a river, from its beginning at The Well (1st movement), passing an affectionate 2nd movement Beside the Lake and culminating into a joyfull Waterfall (3rd movement). The lyrical themes, combined with a breath-taking arrangement for four-part guitar ensemble, demonstrate the unique ability of the instrument to convey the beauty of nature. Although Guy Cuyvers is well known as a film composer, there is no need to add images to this music. Just close your eyes whilst listening and the images, just like the river, will flow by themselves.

Guy Cuyvers is a very versatile musician. As a classical guitar player he has been acclaimed by Angel Romero and the international press unanimously praises his film scores. After graduating at the Royal Flemish Conservatory in Antwerp and supplementing his training in guitar, advanced composition and orchestra conducting at The American University in Washington D.C., Guy received his Master of Arts at the LUCA School of Arts. As a composer, Guy wrote several books for classical guitar and film music for Warner Bros. Besides writing for film and guitar, he composed numerous works in all domains of music.

For more information on Guy Cuyvers: www.guycuyvers.com