SKU: FC561

Halloween Dance by Hans Engelmann, arranged for Flute Choir by Cathi Marro. The "Halloween Dance" is a musical composition by the Austrian-American composer, Hans Engelmann. The piece was written in the early 20th century and is often associated with Halloween celebrations due to its spooky and atmospheric tone. "Halloween Dance" is a playful and entertaining piece of music that captures the spirit of Halloween in a fun and whimsical way. It has become a popular choice for Halloween-themed concerts and events, and is often featured in movie soundtracks and television shows that feature Halloween or horror themes. Despite its association with Halloween, "Halloween Dance" is a technically impressive and musically sophisticated work that showcases Engelmann's talents as a composer.


  • Piccolo
  • 4 Flutes
  • 2 Alto Flutes
  • Bass Flute
  • Contrabass Flute/Contralto Flute (in G)