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Ave Maria (Opus 1) by Peter Benoit, arranged for Flute Choir by Cathi Marro. Flemish composer Peter Benoit composed this setting of Ave Maria in 1858 for two choirs without accompaniment. Cathi Marro has taken the opportunity with this unique scoring to arrange the work for solo flute quartet and full flute choir. The soloists can perform antiphonally with some distance in between themselves and the tutti choir, or, they can be integrated and hidden within the full choir. The source material for this arrangement is an early edition of the work published by Berlin Bote & Bock, housed at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Antwerp, Belgium.


  • Flute 1 (Solo)
  • Flute 2 (Solo)
  • Alto Flute (Solo)
  • Bass Flute (Solo)
  • Flute 1 (Tutti)
  • Flute 2 (Tutti)
  • Flute 3 (Tutti)
  • Flute 4 (Tutti)
  • Alto Flute (Tutti)
  • Bass Flute/Contrabass Flute/Contralto Flute in G (Tutti)