Lejaeghere, Peter

Peter Lejaeghere studied trumpet and piano at the music academies of Roeselare and Izegem.   At the Royal Music Conservatory of Ghent he obtained first prizes for chamber music, harmony, counterpoint and fugue, and the higher diploma for trumpet.  At present he is a brass teacher at the music academies of Roeselare and Izegem.  In addition, he plays in several ensembles (including the “Brussels Trumpet Choir” and the “European Brass Quintet”) and appears regularly as a soloist.

Peter Lejaeghere has written works for piano solo, for various instruments with piano accompaniment, for ensembles, for voice and orchestra, and for mixed choir. In 1999, his work “Hemellichaam”, a work for mixed choir, was honored by the Province of West Flanders.

Peter Lejaeghere is a co-founder and member of the “Flanders Trumpet Quartet”