Korb, Ron

Ron Korb

Ron Korb earned his Bachelor of Music degree in flute performance from the University of Toronto and then travelled to Tokyo where he studied traditional Japanese flute and Gagaku court music with Akao Michiko. While living in Asia, he wrote songs for majors stars that garnered Gold and Double Platinum awards. Since then, he has become well-known for plying exotic woodwinds and writing music inspired by the diverse experiences of his travels and his upbringing in Canada. He has over thirty critically acclaimed releases in twenty countries on various labels. The albums are on many top favourite lists and he has toured extensively throughout Europe, Canada, the United States, Central America, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Japan. His latest album, Europa, has won Excellence in Composition and Best Instrumental Solo performance, Album of the Year, and Best Album Design from the Global Music Awards.