Joras, Dana

Dana Joras (b. 1989)

Dana Joras is an award-winning flutist and composer living in the Kansas City metro. In addition to being an accomplished musician on silver flute and piccolo, Dana also regularly performs on her irish flute and whistles. Her playing can be heard on the album "Logical Fleadh," released in 2023 by her Chicago-based Celtic rock band. As a composer, her pieces are whimsical and charming, drawing inspiration from her love of technical and showy flute playing. Her works are performed nationwide by amateur and professional flute choirs. In addition to performing and composing, Dana also loves to read, write fantasy novels, and work in her colorful and inspirational garden. She continues to referee high school soccer and spends time with her husband, son, and dogs. Dana studied at DePaul University in Chicago and the Royal Academy of Music in London.