Isaacson, Michael

Michael Isaacson (b. 1946)

Composer, conductor, music producer, Michael Isaacson wears all the hats of a busy, highly respected American hyphenate musician.

As a composer he lists a catalog of over 500 published works in television mini-series (Rich Man, Poor Man II; Captains and Kings), series (Charlie’s Angels, Bionic Woman, Hawaii 5-0), daytime dramas (Loving, Days of Our Lives), sitcoms (The Nanny), and variety (Bob Hope specials, John Williams & The Boston Pops). In feature films he has composed, orchestrated, and conducted for many outstanding writers, including Alex North, Elmer Bernstein, Charles Fox, and Walter Scharf.

As a conductor, he has founded The Hollywood Pops, The Israel Pops, and has guest conducted symphony orchestras throughout the world, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Charlotte, Miami, Mexico, Munich, and Tel Aviv. His CD recordings may be heard on the SONY and ARABESQUE labels.

As a music producer, Michael Isaacson has created and supervised scores of his music for jingles, worship services, CD and cassette recordings, fund-raising events, educational programs, beauty pageants, puppet shows, in-flight entertainment, conventions, and about anything else music can be used for.