Hinze, Gudrun

Gudrun Hinze (b. 1964)

Gudrun Hinze was born in Homburg/Saar and studied in Düsseldorf and Essen. She participated with distinction in several national and international competitions, and was subsequently engaged by the WDR Sinfonieorchester (Köln) and MDR Sinfonieorchester (Leipzig). She has been solo piccoloist with the Gewandhaus Orchestra since 1993, and at the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra since 1999. She has been teaching the piccolo at Hannover’s Hochschule für Musik since 2003 with Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht.

Gudrun is the specialist for the piccolo parts in the Leipziger Querflötenensemble, Quintessenz (www.floetenquintett-qe.de). It has also become her task to arrange compositions suitable for her quintet colleagues, as there are few pieces originally written for this ensemble