Adam Falckenhagen (1697 - 1754) was a German lutenist and composer of the late Baroque period, travelling from court to court throughout his life, eventually settling in Bayreuth. It was there that he won the favour of Wilhelmine of Prussia, Margravine of Bayreuth, a lutenist herself, and the sister of Frederick the Great. He composed a variety of music for lute, including this Concerto in F Major in three movements: AllegroAndante, and Vivace.

This edition includes the full orchestral score, orchestral parts, as well as guitar and lute parts. Victor Van Puijenbroeck has adapted the original solo part and included in the set are parts for both lute (the part has been adapted from lute tablature to modern notation) and guitar (capotasto).


  • Full Score
  • Guitar (or Lute) - separate parts included for each instrument
  • Violin I
  • Violin II
  • Viola
  • Cembalo/Cello/Contrabass