Grady, Jennifer

Jennifer Grady (b. 1956)

Jennifer Grady grew up near Kingsburg, California and studied the piano privately for seven years. She began to play the flute at the age of 10 and went on to perform with several county honor bands and orchestra. She was selected to perform with the California State High School Honor Band in 1973 and 1974. Following high school, she performed with a baroque strings group at Kings River Community College.

In 1990, she began playing and performing with a flute quartet in Olympia, Washington and also joined the Olympia Flute Choir. At that time, she began to compose and arranged pieces for flute and piano, and flute ensemble. She has performed in concert with “Windham Hill” recording artist Scott Cossu. Her composition “Sean’s Dance” was performed at the 1994 Northwest Composers and Arrangers Concert held at Portland State University in Oregon. In 1997, her compositions “Soaring” and “Sweet Molly’s Lament” were performed at the same event.

She currently resides in Silverton, Oregon, where she and her husband are raising their four children. She is still actively playing and performing with harpist Karen Almquist in the duo HarpSong, with pianist Debra Huddleston in the duo Intermezzo, and with The Oregon Flute Quartet in Salem, Oregon.