Famaey, Johan

Johan Famaey

Belgian composer and pianist Johan Famaey has performed and composed countless works with and for different ensembles throughout Europe and in China. He won the 'Verdi Keurmerk' and 'Cantabile Piano' composition contests in 2019. 

He has composed three song cycles: Chinese Memories, Chinese Impressions and Omomwonden (Wrapped), which paved the way to the melodic, harmonic and polyphonic importance of all his compositions throughout. Johans musical 'HORS' (the story of Bayard) premiered on February 16th, 2020 in Dendermonde Belgium, and included an orchestra, actors, soloists and choir, for a total of 164 performers. 

He is known for his piano and cinematic music releases including 'Moon Touch,' 'Moon Wish,' ‘Back to Selene,’ and 'Time Passenger.'