De Blieck, Filip

Filip De Blieck teaches flute and instrumental ensemble at deKunstAcademie in Knokke. Was educated by teachers from the Conservatory of Bruges (long ago), and the Lemmens Institute in Leuven (slightly less long ...). Holds degrees Laureate of the Lemmens Institute in: music pedagogy / whistles and pedagogy / music / chamber music.

Improvisation in various forms was already as a toddler his dada. Also wrote as a young man now and then a piece. Improvisation became increasingly important in his playing, teaching and thinking.

He began to write nursery and children's songs to write for the primary school of his own offspring. This resulted in the edition 'Music Fantasy / Nursery Nuts' and a CD 'er komt gezang uit het behang'.

Eventually he began to compose occasionally with educational purposes: one imposed drawing, ensemble, musical school ... Enjoyed it (the process of composition) and wrote many more things.

Besides teaching and writing music he pounces also like the stage, this happens today with the duo "in vento e corda", that makes music without a score and considers the music in the moment itself.