Cox, Boudewijn

Boudewijn Cox was awarded diplomas in guitar, chamber music, harmony and counterpoint from the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, where he pursued advanced studies with Luc Van Hove (composition) and Christian Vereecke (fugue). As a composer he has received various prizes: Hommage à Ohana (the compulsory work for the semi-final of the International Guitar Competition Printemps de la Guitare - 1994 in Walcourt) won him first prize in the composition competition for classical guitar held by BAP SABAM. He won the Prometheus Prize in 1995 with his Octet for woodwind ensemble. Onyx for orchestra was awarded a “highly special commendation” in 1997 in Vienna, at the Vienna Modern Masters 6th International Orchestral Recording Award Competition, and a year later Cox won the Youth and Music Prize for Composition in 1998. He became familiar to a wider audience with his Prelude for piano, which was chosen as the compulsory piece for the semi-finals of the 1999 Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition.

His works are played worldwide by a.o. Myriam Bogaerts, Jenny Lin, I Solisti del Vento, Worldbrass, Flemish Radio Orchestra, Beethoven Academie, Moravian Philharmonic, Brno Philharmonic in concert halls going from ‘de Singel’ in Antwerp (Belgium), the ‘Berliner Philharmonie’ (Germany) until ‘Carnegie Recital Hall’ in New York.