Christiaens, Alex

Alex Christiaens was born in 1957 and started courses on solfège, piano, music theory and music history at the conservatorium of Hasselt. After his secondary education (Latin-Greek), he was awarded a Master degree in translation and started to work for a Flemish bank. Since then, he has been living in Leuven. Music remained an important part of his life. After having finished the piano course at the conservatorium of Leuven, he continued his musical journey by completing the organ course with Peter Breugelmans, the harmony and composition course with Erika Budai and the clarinet course with Bart Van den Bosch. 

He regularly performed in public, not only as a soloist but also as the accompanist of singers, choirs and instrumentalists.  Since many years, he has been active as an organist in Leuven and has been singing in the choir Tourdion under the leadership of Rik Ghesquière.

He started composing as part of the harmony course. Most of his compositions are short works written for piano or solo instruments with accompaniment and published by Metropolis, DMP and Euprint.

In 2008 his piano composition ‘Dans op Kwint en Kwart’ was selected by the jury of the composing competition ‘Cantabile’ to be published by Metropolis in Antwerp.

In 2012 he was awarded the VerdDi quality label as the winner of the composing competition.

In the past years the French CMF (Confédération Musicale de France) has selected some of his compositions as free to choose or as compulsory work for the 1.100 music schools it represents.