Capodaglio, Leonello

Leonello Capodaglio (b. 1945)

Leonello Capodaglio was born in 1945 and resides in Lendinara, in the Venetian region of Italy. He has studied in Venice with Gino Gorini (piano), Gian Francesco Malipiero and Ugo Amendola (composition), Franco Ferrara (conductor), and Egida Giordani Sartori (harpsichord). He has enjoyed being the pianist, composer, harpsichord soloist and conductor of many orchestras. Currently he directs the Orchestra Filarmonica Veneta after having spent time directing the musical Conservatory of Adria.

Leonello has won numerous national and international awards, and is currently the judge of many composition competitions, among which is the prestigious “V. Bucchi” in Rome.

He is the composer of 290 works in the tonal style, 170 of which have been published by the greatest Italian and foreign editions. His works have been performed on over 300 occasions in Italy and around the world, as well as having been broadcast on radio and television, and recorded on various labels.

Leonello's most notable compositions are three operas: “Fornarina”, “Calliroe” and “Fanny”, three Oratorios, a Marian Cantata, a Symphony, Suites for Strings and “La Beltà” (The Beauty), a cycle of six works for soloist and orchestra. In addition to his work as a composer, Leonello is also active in the role of musicologist and lectures on the discovery of the technical phonocromatica used by Antonio Vivaldi. He has published six volumes of poetry and prose.