Red Cedar Chamber Music invited sixteen composers to participate in a group commissioning project to celebrate the 2004 centennial of Czech composer Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904). The resulting "Spillville Variations on a Theme by Dvořák" is a group commissioning project for Flute, Viola and Guitar, with 10 selected variations set for cello to replace the viola. The variations are based on a theme from Antonín Dvořák’s “American” Quartet in F, Op. 96, written in Spillville, Iowa, USA in 1893.


  • Flute
  • Viola (or Cello)
  • Guitar



  • Theme: Spillville Variations on a Theme by Dvořák (Jan Boland)
  • Variation 1: Reconfiguration (Jonathan Chenette)
  • Variation 2: Chasing Antonín (Peter Hamlin)
  • Variation 3: Dvořák and the Scarlet Tanager, that damn bird (Harvey Sollberger)
  • Variation 4: Spillville Waltz (Lyle Dockendorff)
  • Variation 5: Facing West (Luke Gullickson)
  • Variation 6: Side Trip to Postville (Tracey Rush)
  • Variation 7: Fugue (Peter Bloesch)
  • Variation 8: Untitled (Michael Gilbertson)
  • Variation 9: Spillville Blues (Pat Smith)
  • Variation 10: Images (Dan Knight)
  • Variation 11: Untitled (Donald J. Chamberlain)
  • Variation 12: Solitude (Robert Lindsey Nassif)
  • Variation 13: Joyful Steady Groove (Andrew Earle Simpson)
  • Variation 14: American Sketch (Joshua Reznicow)
  • Variation 15: Double Variation and Finale (Jerry M. Owen)