Beyer, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Beyer (b. 1983)

Jeffrey Beyer can be found performing fancy flute tricks in the greater metro Detroit area. A respected chamber and theatre musician, Beyer has performed at the 2017 Florida Flute Convention (with clarinetist Amy Beyer Rosas), the 2015 Canadian Flute Convention (with pianist Sharon Sweet), several National Flute Association Conventions, as well as with national and international musical theatre touring productions. Beyer studied flute under Kelly Hill-Kretzer and graduated form Siena Heights University summa cum laude in 2005. Other influential teachers include Sharon Sparrow, Lori Newman, Nancy Sutton, and Clement Barone, Jr. Beyer resides in Oak Park, Michigan and has served on the board of directors for the Southeast Michigan Flute Association (vice-president and president), and the Oak Park Arts and Cultural Commission (chairperson).