Baez, Victor

Victor Baez gave his first signs of musical interest when he would constantly escape his classroom in order to sneak into the music room. He would then sit at the piano and explore the sounds for as long as it took him to get caught, which was usually not very long: he was in kindergarten. The curiosity that compelled him then would never deem to leave him.

His explorations in sound continued soon thereafter with classical piano lessons, but the need to create a soundworld of his own beckoned with increasing intensity; soon enough, he found himself writing his first compositions – from that point on, the initial curiosity turned into a lifelong path.

Professionally, his main interest is to collaborate with musicians and artists of any kind towards the realization of creative projects that will pose an interesting question or challenge – both to the artists and the audience involved.

Somewhat of an artist's statement

For me, Ultimately music is physical energy vibrating and surrounding the listener. Composers have the ability to help shape these vibrations, Keeping in mind how they affect their surroundings.

To have a hand in this subtle shaping of the listener’s environment, High frequencies, Increasing awareness of the sounds around us, Sound itself,

Silence and its stubborn mystery: These are some of the essential reasons why i compose. All that is required to start is the idea; The idea can come from anywhere: Electric currents, Mathematical paradoxes, a comedy of Equivocation… No matter the source, Translating that initial impulse into the language of sound is the main task.

Breaking free from the constraints of traditional instrumental technique, Unifying and reconciling the ideas of “the musical” and “noise” are my main interests. Logically speaking, Literally any sound can be music: Solely context determines how we perceive the complex soundwaves that reach our ears. How does sound become music? I might be more interested in seeking questions rather than answers. Thrilled by unknown possibilities i humbly invite you dear listener to tumble down the rabbit hole of the unspoken question that is music.