Snow Gum by Fran Griffin for Two Flutes and Guitar. Alto and Bass Flutes are required for the performance of this piece. From the composer: "In the wilderness of the Australian Alps, there is only one tree, the Snow Gum (eucalyptus pauciflora) that lives above 1600 metres. Snow Gums are experiencing severe dieback, caused by attack by a native beetle. Strangely, the beetle and the Snow Gums have coexisted for thousands of years, but now the Snow Gums are no longer able to withstand the hunger of the beetles. As yet the reasons for this are unknown. Huge areas of these once magnificent and colourful trees now stand grey and dead. In this piece I am depicting the gnarled and twisted trunks of the still living trees with their wonderfully coloured bark, in contrast to the ruggedness and desolation of the terrain. One can hear the alpine wind rushing through the leaves and branches, shaking snow to the ground."


  • Player 1: Alto Flute and C Flute
  • Player 2: Bass Flute and C Flute
  • Guitar