German bassoonist and pedagogue Julius Weissenborn is known primarily as an author and composer of method and etude books familiar to all bassoonists. However, he also composed a number of solo works, including this Capriccio, Op. 14. Not only is the piece educational to the player, but it is also quite entertaining to the audience. Similar to the Premier Solo of Eugene Bourdeau, the Capriccio is often regarded as somewhat of a secondary solo, good for students before they move on to the "real" repertoire. However, it is a well thought-out and fun piece, and is perfectly suited for the bass clarinet.

In this edition, the piano part has been transposed down a whole-step (to B-flat major), to better accommodate the bass clarinet. In addition, there are two solo parts included, one for extended range bass clarinet (to low C), and for standard range bass clarinet (to low E)..