Georg Philipp Telemann’s (1681—1767) Gulliver Suite, was composed only two years after the first publication of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels in 1726. In the suite, Telemann embraces Swift’s satire by emulating the characters in a variety of musical ways. The five movements are: Intrada, Lilliputian Chaconne, Brobdingnagian Gigue, Reverie of the Laputans and their attendant flappers, and the Loure of the well-mannered Houyhnhnms/Wild Dance of the untamed Yahoos.

This edition includes parts transposed for G flutes, such that any combination of flutes can be used. The Lilliputians can be piccolos, and the Brobdingnagians a pair of contra flutes. Or perhaps the opposite! Feel free to experiment, mix and match all you like!