The Bass Clarinet: A Personal History by Harry Sparnaay, 258 pages + CD. Third edition. Harry Sparnaay, the bass clarinettist who has been often featured as prominent soloist, launches the most extended and rigorous study on bass clarinet. It deals with thorough technical aspects and emphasizes the resources of present music such as multiphonics, microtones and diverse effects. Everything is illustrated with fingering charts and there are more than 100 audio examples. You will know about Harry's personal life and a lot there is to know about the history of the bass clarinet, its repertoire, studies and resources. Furthermore, the authors biography gathers information about his dedication teaching this instrument during his whole life and presenting it in concert halls around the world as a soloist, member of chamber groups and ensembles. This is a book to use as a reference, essential for clarinettists, clarinet teachers, composers and musicologists, written by the most important authority on the bass clarinet.

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