Based on source material from the archive of the Danish National Library in Copenhagen, this newly-engraved reconstruction of the Sinfonico, Op. 12 by Anton Reicha for Flute Quartet includes a full score and five parts. Originally scored for four C flutes, an additional alto flute transposition for the fourth flute part is provided. At the time of composition, this work was likely overshadowed by his immensely popular wind quintets, hence it is still not known exactly what year it was composed. Still though, Reicha’s astute attention to detail and form lies at the core of the quartet, lending it its distinctive nickname. The four movements are indeed constructed in a symphonic sonata form - Allegro; Andante; Minuetto (Allegro Vivace); and the Finale.

While the original aim was to assemble a full score while recreating the individual parts faithfully, editorial decisions were made throughout to correct many serious inconsistencies between the parts, especially regarding articulations and dynamics, and even including differences in tempo markings. The resulting standardized, consistent editions should allow students and teachers more effective – and more efficient – learning and instruction.


  • 4 C Flutes

Alternate Instrumentation:

  • 3 C Flutes
  • Alto Flute