Sattoh (Wind-dancing) is an extremely intense musical depiction of actual Kabuki theatre music, which is a traditional style that has been played in Japan for generations. Nagasawa's intention was to score the music to enable Western players to perform it Nagasawa went so far as to allow instrument substituion if traditional Japanese instruments were not available. Performance of this piece is best with two percussionists, however, it is possible for one player to play both parts, choosing the most interesting part of the two and keeping with the intensity of the music. In addition to the primary bound score, two additional copies of the score are included in this set, so there is one for each player, suitable for performance.

Percussion Instrumentation (2 players):

  • Odaiko (Floor tom) 
  • Shime-daiko (Large and small toms)
  • Kotsuzumi (Small bongo)
  • Otsuzumi (Large bongo)
  • Binzasara (thin slabs of wood, strung together)
  • Rin gongs (4 - Japanese bowls)
  • Tam tam
  • Darabuka (Giant wood block or bamboo)