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Paths of Deeper Gold is a three movement work for flute orchestra/choir, commissioned by the Desert Echoes Flute Project, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. It was premiered at the 2016 National Flute Association Convention in San Diego, California. From the composer: “My conception of this piece moves in time from evening in the first movement (Lustre of the dying day), through the night in the second (The moon is distant from the sea), to daybreak in the third (Paths of deeper gold). It is a meditation on the different kinds of light, and the different moods, of those times of the night and day.”


  • 2 Piccolos
  • E-flat Flute (or C Flute)
  • 4 C Flutes
  • 2 Alto Flutes
  • 2 Bass Flutes 
  • Contrabass Flute (or Sub-Contralto Flute)