“Come Lovely Spring” is a movement of one of Franz Joseph Haydn’s most popular works, his oratorio “The Seasons,” written in 1801. Originally written for vocal soloists, chorus, and orchestra, the words of this lovely piece express gladness for winter’s end and spring’s arrival. In this instrumental version, you’ll hear the awakening of spring; the weather’s change to cold breezes and rain; and a return to spring again. 


  • Solo Flute 1
  • Solo Flute 2
  • Solo Flute 3
  • Solo Alto Flute (or Flute 4/Bass Flute)
  • Flute (tutti)
  • Oboe 1/2
  • Bassoon 1/2
  • Horn 1/2
  • Violin I/II
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass