The first book of B.A.M.! is a refreshing basic method for starting all‐round drummers. The term “all‐round” is used on purpose because you’ll find a lot of difference in music style, grooves and technical exercises. In B.A.M.! everyone who ‘hits’ the right way of practising with these method, will devolop likewise to an “all-round” drummer. The first book is divided into 10 chapters, all of which contains a number of reading exercises, technical practise, a variety of grooves and solo pieces. You will get within this single book a lot of information and exercises, but within a manageable amount thereby accumulating rapidly new material is discussed. I have emphasized three key aspects of drumming:

Functionality Each groove and each indicated rhythm comes from daily practice as a drummer. I.e. you can use the supplied drum grooves in so many different songs.

Musicality The solo’s and exercises are made up of clearly recognizable phrases and structures. Using many dynamics is only in the last two chapters dealt with, because during the first parts mostly technique, rhythms and motor skills needs to receive focus, but feel free to add more dynamics yourself!

Creativity Play, play, play! Even without a book! You can use all indicated grooves and rhythms regarded as ‘inspiration’ for what you can use to play as a drummer.

The reading exercises here are very important to master all the rhythms with the right timing and stickings. The ‘Notes’ pages are deliberately added to write down your own great ideas. Rolls are not yet adressed in this book. The development of a good roll I consider a step further which I‘ll start integrating in Book 2 of B.A.M.! The listed stickings in this book is entirely based on right‐handed playing. If you are left‐ handed you can choose to play right‐handed or you can set up your drum set in for playing left‐handed and apply all stickings in reverse. This book has a total of 15 solos and pieces. Most of them with accompaniment on the CD, but there is also a drum duet and a piece accompanied with piano. 

PC-6916-EM (Sam Gevers - B.A.M.) Audio Tracks:

Sam Gevers - B.A.M.: Audio Tracks 1-15

Sam Gevers - B.A.M.: Audio Tracks 16-24

Sam Gevers - B.A.M.: Audio Tracks 25-33

Sam Gevers - B.A.M.: Audio Tracks 34-39