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Julius Fučík (1872—1916), known as the “Bohemian Sousa,” was a Czech composer and conductor of military bands. While his most popular march is the “Entrance of the Gladiator,” known throughout popular culture for its use in circuses, the "Florentiner March” was equally as famous during his lifetime, especially throughout Europe. At more than five minutes in length, this march is a bit more substantial than a typical march. Notably, for the first time in a clarinet choir arrangement from ALRY, included is an alternate part for A-flat clarinet. It seemed particularly appropriate here, given the connection of this clarinet to Italian military bands. Also, the piccolo part is so important in the original work, it would be a chance to feature this rare instrument.


  • E-flat Clarinet (or A-flat Clarinet)
  • 4 Clarinets (each part is divisi)
  • Alto Clarinet (Basset Horn/Clarinet 5)
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Contrabass Clarinet/Contralto Clarinet/String Bass
  • Percussion: Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Bells (optional)